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Web Development Intern

Remote ( Employer location - Tamil Nadu, India )

Part Time

The ideal candidate will be a current degree-pursuing graduate in computer science, Information Technology, or equivalent fields who is looking for trainee internships, where they will learn about designing, developing, testing, and debugging responsive web and mobile applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, React JS, PHP, and MySQL.



  1. Education:
    • Currently pursuing or recently completed a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

  2. Technical Skills:
    • HTML: Understanding of HTML elements and structure.

    • CSS: Knowledge of CSS for styling web pages, including responsive design techniques.

    • JavaScript: Basic understanding of JavaScript and ability to perform basic programming in JS.

  3. Development Skills:
    • Ability to design and develop web elements and web pages for both desktop and mobile interfaces.

    • Understanding of responsive UI design principles.

  4. Teamwork and Communication:
    • Ability to work effectively in a team environment.

    • Good communication skills to collaborate with team members and participate in weekly training and review sessions.

  5. Problem-Solving:
    • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot issues during development.

  6. Learning Attitude:
    • Willingness to learn new technologies and improve existing skills.

    • Openness to feedback and continuous improvement.

  7. Commitment:
    • Availability to attend all scheduled training and review sessions.

    • Commitment to contributing actively to the intern project team and completing assigned tasks.

  8. Additional Skills (Preferred but not required):
    • Experience with frameworks or libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery, or React.

    • Knowledge of web development tools and IDEs.

Concerned Department of the job post.

Day-to-day Roles and Responsibilities

The candidate will be trained in the nuances of responsive UI design for both desktop and mobile interfaces. Throughout the trainee internship, the candidate will learn about the elements in HTML, DOM in JS, various types of styling in CSS, server-side scripting using PHP, database management using MySQL, and how to develop a coherent web development for both mobile and desktop.

The candidate will be appointed to a team of interns led by a senior developer, where they will develop an intern project team. As part of this team, the candidate will design, develop, test, and deploy web elements and web pages. The candidate must attend the weekly training and review sessions where their contributions and involvement in the internship will be evaluated.

Each training session has its outcomes; the list and details are below. Some additional topics may or may not be added on or before the date of joining.

Benefits and recognition

Once completed, the mini project after evaluation and corrections, will be uploaded and live on our website. With the completion and confirmation of the mini project being completed, you’ll be given the internship completion certificate, and the same will be available to download from our server. 

After completion, you must return all the confidential information to the company and therefore must destroy all the copies related to them. However, as a project developer, you’ll still be able to edit and copy the project for viewing purposes, which can be achieved by sending a formal email request to the HR team.

Based on the performance stipend will be provided from 500 INR to 1500 INR, and will be allowed to do a full-time internship with a live project. A recommendation letter will be provided with the certificate at the end of project completion.

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About the Company

Calanjiyam is a company that strives towards creating websites and software that touch people’s lives. As a customer-centric company, the company's vision is to develop websites and software that help local and small-scale businesses expand their market into the vast ocean of E-commerce. The main mission of the company is to keep everything simple & transparent. To offer strategic thinking, and design insights, and convert designs into products.

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