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About Us

Actively developing Solutions and shaping Careers

We are a team of ultra-curious people who strive to educate and raise awareness about anything important to society.

Calanjiyam Consultancies and Technologies is an end-to-end service that provides Web Designing & Development services alongside consulting you in every IT-related service company since 2020.

We, At Calanjiyam, an end-to-end services provider company such as IT Consulting Services, web solution, and digital marketing company, understand the importance and results of having aptly developed websites and started websites with great web design and user experience. Our web development & web designing is optimized for search engines to get more website traffic or you can say SEO friendly, also we provide content writing services for social media and digital marketing.

Our services include Customized Wix websites - WordPress integration for any website - Web-based Software Development - Comprehensive Client Support - Social Media Marketing - Professional Video Editing Services - Graphic Designing.

Our courses include C Programming language - C++ Programming language - Web Designing - Web Development - Full Stack Web Development - Java - Python - Content writing - Video Editing.

Our Story

We want to create an opportunity where our clients can step into a small-to-medium sized business with our team of experts who personally mentor them through every aspect of setting up, running, & growing an internet business. We also aim to help at least 100 small business owners step foot in the internet economy by building websites, and online marketing for them. At Calanjiyam, We aim to educate at least 500 students via our online and offline courses. Our mission is to create a series documenting the progress of aviation & infrastructure in modern India on the Criss Cross Tamizh Youtube channel in Tamil.


  • We aim to create an equal internet for all, we strive toward creating a society for the masses.

  • Our primary vision as a company is to expand at least 20 small businesses to the internet world in the next 5 years.

  • We aim to create documentary series on subjects such as Language, Heritage, and Culture to make them accessible to the next generation.

  • Our vision is an inclusive and equal online community that helps themselves as well as others strive towards success with no boundaries.

Our culture

Calanjiyam is a family company in more ways than one. Culture is anchored in shared beliefs & ideals, working for the common good. As an organization, We believe that everyone should have the freedom to move and pursue their dreams and strives to create a culture where every employee belongs.

At Calanjiyam, we care about making a truly meaningful impact on our people, customers, & society. Together, we foster a culture where our people feel empowered to make positive changes every day. Do you appreciate working with others and building on others' mutual success? You too can become part of our open, inclusive, and collaborative culture.

On its own, our people are impressive. Together, we form part of something much stronger & bigger. We celebrate diverse ideas, cultures, backgrounds, & opinions. We embrace diversity in all forms and value individuality.

Our Clients

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