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Web development training & Internship program

The ideal candidate will be a college student who is looking for trainee internships, where they will learn about designing, developing, testing, and debugging responsive web and mobile applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. 

The candidates will work in an intern project team whose project will be displayed on the website with credits and development specifications about the project. The candidates can use the internship knowledge gained in the Front end to develop UI and UX for mobile and desktop.

Project Publishing & maintenance cost



10 Weeks


What you can learn?

  • Interactive live one-to-one classes,

  • Hands-on training in LIVE PROJECTS,

  • Your work will be featured on our website with credit to you,

  • Live practical training in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL,

  • The interns can focus on their intern projects throughout the rest of the week. 

  • Daily 1 hour sessions will be conducted where the interns can report their updates and clarify their doubts.

  • The team will choose the Project title and one mentor will be assigned to the team.

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Should’ve completed a minimum of 1 semester on Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science Engineering or Information Technology or CSBS or relevant BE or BTech or Bsc or BCA Degree. Should possess a College issued ID card ( to get the student offer price )



To upload, maintain and create a space in the company’s cloud & Web server for the internship project costs the company thousands monthly, in order to facilitate the credit and allow the students to access such resources they must pay the following fee:​​

  • ₹1200/- as the trainee fee, the GST for all the modes of payment will be bared by the company.

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