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  • What is an online course and does it pay off?
    An online course is any course that you can learn on the Internet. Those indicate the course websites, social media, or gathering data through an online document too. It can include some excellent E-Learning websites like for instance. It will surely be worth taking and educating yourselves when you are consistent. Yes, It would be even more interesting to master the techniques at the ease of your home. Make sure to check out for the certification, credits given, and costs beforehand to save time.
  • Will you get trained at your own pace?
    All students are unique in their way. We have crafted the individual-oriented course training, especially for that reason. Rest assured, our expert trainers will guide you to be a professional at your own pace.
  • Are we a government-registered authority for online courses?
    Yes, we are a government-authorized company for online and offline courses. We have been in this training industry for more than five years and tutored more than 500 students. We also provide nationwide valid certificates that you can use to shine through your career.
  • Are there any technical requirements to take up our courses?
    Though there are no technical requirements, it would be good to have a laptop with proper net connectivity. You do not need to get a fancy degree for the course we bring forth. Anyone with a strong passion can take our courses as we start from the scrapes.
  • What is the next step in registering for one of our online courses?
    We have a specialized interactive experience for our course enrollment clarifications. In that. you can either send an email or chat through WhatsApp for the required information. Our team of tech professionals chaperones you from the beginning till the end of each course.
  • What do you get from our graphic designing services?
    We deliver our outstanding resources with continual performance analysis. We also offer you customization options for your product style and design. Our team of professionals makes sure the furnished facilities are compatible with multiple devices.
  • Which are the different types of graphic design services?
    UI and UX. Logo and brand identity. Flier prints, website slider illustrations, brochures, and newsletters Towering signboards, vivid exhibition stalls, showroom tinkerers, and more.
  • How does the project approach pan out?
    Do send us an inquiry, email, or chat using WhatsApp. Our tech experts will have a digital meeting with you to further discuss your proposition. We will take the project live right after you decide on the design and specifications.
  • Why should you choose us for all your services?
    We bring forth some excellent solutions that can build user-friendliness. We make sure your site is SEO-friendly. Our major goal is to invent accessibility. On-time delivery and best security. Affordable rates. One place for all your service needs.
  • Which are the services we render in the video editing business?
    We produce phenomenal YouTube video editing, any social media, and photo slideshows. We do incorporate video making and drone video editing. We also create & edit videos, especially for online courses. Our other services involve wedding, rush, and short film editing.
  • What do you acquire with our video editing services?
    Complete video without blur and noise as we use high-level software. Brand growth, budget-friendly solutions, and modern video/audio effects. We give special care to our visual graphic technicians to help market your product or tell your story.
  • What is our level of expertise in web development services?
    We have a team full of web development masters who have been in the business for more than five years. We can customize Wix websites, and run WordPress services and software. We never hesitate to leap through to achieve the impossible when it comes to websites and online services.
  • What are some of the best companies we have worked for?
    We have joined hands with a handful of big names for their web development services. Our specialist developers have come across clients like Solid State, Noted, Goan, Mowi, and so on. Do contact us via the contact form, email, text us, or call us directly at this number for more info.
  • How do we go with a project?
    Do get in touch with us with any one of the options like inquiry, mail, What'sApp message, or through the phone. We will reach out for a brief conversation to get to know your necessity. We can then settle the details of your database clarifications if any. Our skilled tech team will get your project live in a matter of a few days after signing the contract.
  • What is the project timeline and cost?
    The project timeline and cost will be confirmed as per the network requirements. We have never missed the deadline once in the previous projects though. Our authorized testimonials will speak for themselves too. Rest assured, we will set forth the website design and description according to your concern.
  • How experienced are we in the content writing field?
    We have an accomplished content writer team who have written more than 600 articles in various niches. Our chief writer has around a total of seven years of experience in content development and content management. Indeed we supply the finest services that you deserve.
  • Do we provide original quality content?
    Yes, we put forward good quality, grammatically accurate, well-written, unique content. We are an ideal team of passionate content writers who develop engaging content and creative ideas. We extend the brand promotion, increased sales, and SEO-based content.
  • Do we use AI-based content?
    No, we do not use any AI-generated content so it will be real content and context. We often write relevant content that can be authoritative in the long run. We also have a tremendous amount of experience in news articles, blogs, website SEO content, and social media content.
  • Can we work with the deadlines given?
    We can surely work within the allocated time for writing and even before it. We proofread, edit, check grammar, eliminate plagiarism, apply SEO tactics, and apply readability too. Our team of qualified content writers can handle all this in no time.
  • What is the price value per word?
    The price per word is INR 40 to 60 paise right now and it is negotiable. We have concluded that it is only fair for our certified writers for their work and effort. Although we can have an official discussion to talk about the negotiation terms if we need to. We sort out the final decision once it all goes well and sign the contract.
  • How much does each course fee?
    The courses will cost around INR 5,999 to 9,999 according to their span and significance. We concluded the price as per the server costs that you work on during the training period. We guarantee you the best tools and techniques so that your money won't go wasted.
  • Are there any timeframes to pay the money?
    Yes, the end date will be two to three days before the start date of the particular course you register. We will start the course as soon as you pay your study course amount. Do inform us prior if you need more time to pay with valid reason and proof for that too.
  • What are the modes of online payment available?
    We have an independent payment page to pay the price online. We have the UPI option and the NEFT transfer options apart from that. We will send you the mail of confirmation right after you settle the fee amount.
  • Are there any cost reductions?
    We offer student concessions and occasional discounts for each course. We highly recommend you enroll with us now to avail the cost cuts. Indeed we will grant you 8% to 10% of price when you show your student id. We also allow referrals as in you get deductions if you refer your friends.
  • What is the period of each online course?
    The period of every course is for 4 to 12 weeks(It will differ based on course). We set forth both weekday and weekend online classes at your convenience. You need to allocate a minimum of one to two hours of your time every day from your side. That's all you need to do.
  • Why should you take up our courses?
    Easy to grasp online courses with the website host access for your project. Learn at your own pace so that you don't feel out of place. Reasonable costs and flexible timings. Guaranteed job counseling for the career you choose.
  • Will you be able to work on a project?
    Yes, we will hand you a mini project of your choice to give you the job experience. We have a dedicated website for your activity out there. You can create something on your own to showcase to the world proudly.
  • Are there any name credits for the work you do?
    We bestow credits for the job you do on our website in the course time. We place your name on our website under your task on our dynamic web pages. We shall authorize you access to display the project in your profession.
  • Are there any name credits for the work I(Students/Interns) do?
    We bestow credits for the job you do on your website in the course time. We place your name on our website under your task on our dynamic web pages. We shall authorize you access to display the project in your profession.
  • Is there a course certificate provided by Calanjiyam?
    We provide you with the certificate at the end of the successful course completion. You can easily add it in your CV, or even in your LinkedIn account too. Our certificate is accepted all around the nation since we are a government-registered Indian company.
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