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Video Editing - Davinci Resolve

In a world full of colors it is important for any brand and individual to represent and capture them as intended. Our Video editing course will give you everything you need to become a fully equipped Video Editor.




60 Days


What you can learn?

  • Interactive daily live one-to-one classes,

  • Hands-on training in LIVE PROJECTS,

  • Your work will be featured on our website with credit to you.

  • Learn how to integrate Photoshop,

  • After Effects, and

  • Audition Digital Imaging Project & Portfolio Premiere Pro Class -

  • Introduction Gain skills for editing, retouching, and

  • Enhancing images Adobe Premiere workspace, transitions, effects & filters, editing audio, and more.

  • Learn to perform precision color-correction & multiple masking techniques

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About the Course

As a leading video editing service, we edit out unwanted parts from random footage, combine useful footage to convey definite meaning, polish the video by arranging the footage obtained from random footage into a meaningful scene, and then beautify the video. With background music and effects.

Our video editing experts come with over a decade of vast domain experience and use advanced video editing software and other specialized and unique techniques and processes to turn your raw, unedited videos into highly professional pieces of art. We use software like Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Edius Pro, and other video editing software to deliver transformable results.

Course Instructors

Calanjiyam Creative Department Team

Calanjiyam Creative Department Team

Why choose us?

  • Interactive daily live one-to-one classes,

  • Hands-on training in live classes,

  • Your work will be featured on our website with credit to you.

  • Efficient and personally curated materials,

  • Opportunity to meet industry-leading professionals,


Benefits & Recognition

Calanjiyam Consultancies & Technologies' highly experienced software developers will provide hands-on and theory classes with every week or day based on your preference. You'll be provided with necessary documents before the types and the recordings of every class will be delivered digitally alongside other crucial documents at the end of the course as a zip file. The duration and instructor details will also be included with it. An evaluation will be conducted collectively for each batch at the end of the course and the feedback of the respective evaluation teams will be provided.

With the successful completion of the course, you'll be provided with a certificate of completion and the high-performance students will be given a special mention on the board of honours page on our website.

*For more about the schedule and benefits contact Us: +91 86672 80728

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