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Exploring the World of Websites: Types, Functions, and Pros and Cons


Did you know that there happen to be more than one million websites all over the globe? Indeed there are but people frequently use about a percentage of that currently. Yes, the number of websites that would be always active appears to be less. The use of a website seems quite significant compared to the utility of the website, interestingly enough.

Exploring the World of Websites: Types, Functions, and Pros and Cons
Exploring the World of Websites: Types, Functions, and Pros and Cons

What is a website?

I would like to go with the iconic "house" example to better explain it. The house is a website and its rooms are web pages. Each house has different rooms likewise each website has different types of pages. It also has an About page and a Contact page.

It then has some fundamental pages that contain main data, and even FAQ pages. Not only that, but it also has some Media in it. It can be art, news, or any form of information both audio and video patterns. When we enter the house it has a central room similarly the website has a homepage initially.

The homepage involves links and information about all the other pages. Why don't you visit our website to get a clear-cut view of a good website? I'm sure you would want one. We have all the crucial factors like a homepage, contact page, FAQ page, about page & some primary pages too. This happens to be our internet home!

How does a website work?

We all live in a world where it all comes at your fingertips. We have not much wondered about how the web works. Here, we are going to learn about how a website just arises from nowhere to your computer screen. We also need to know about the cause of the domain name for that.

The domain name happens to be the address of a website just like your home address. Hence it gets stored on the internet at a particular place called its domain name or website name. In this case, the computer stores the name of a website in a way only the machine understands.

Regardless, the client or a device sends an HTTP(Hypertext transfer protocol) message over the net. It automatically goes to the server. The server would be the one that specifically serves the website. The internet connection will render the exact information right away to your hands. It occurs via the internet protocol or simply a communication path.

Pros and cons of a website

A coin has two sides and the website has its advantages and disadvantages. A website does have multiple benefits that could seem impossible offline. It however has some drawbacks that you need to look for before leaping in.


  • Always online: Being online all the time occurs to be the greatest advantage of having a website ever. The customer gets a great deal of your online presence along with all the valuable information you give them there. Never a dull moment in your business!

  • Generate info: You can give out some inputs on your website. Like providing the company history, location, open hours, and a few more details. It will pave a good way for the clients to access the data with ease.

  • Cost-effective: It can surely reduce the price by half like rent, utilities, and transportation. It could also be a boon to those product-related concerns to boom. Even so, it can take up some time to work out. I assure you it will give gradual and guaranteed results.

  • Go Global: It won't be hard now to go out of your comfort zone and meet new horizons. Consumers from any country and any background can handily get to your products that they may need. You could even make a chat or mail the necessary details to seal the deal.

  • Website Analytics: Google Analytics comes in handy for those who want to see some results. You can just check out the analytics to view the customer info. Likewise their region, their interests, age, and gender. Though it would carry an in-depth study to fill out the missing elements it would always be good to understand what went wrong.


  • Website Expenses: The cost of hosting and maintenance alone does take up a toll on your expenses. Running a website requires more value than the outcomes at times. Indeed, it would even be worth the wait!

  • Prohibited activities: Illegal activities whether it's online or offline must be banned. There happen to be many illicit things going on around the web almost every moment. Like transmission of the virus, terrorist support, and whatnot. Be aware of it!

  • Wrong content: Good content vs low-value content seems to be in a debate often. We should avoid low-value content meaning wrong and misleading ones. They might trick you to fall into the pit and use your info against your will.

  • Spam risks: Spamming sms, spamming calls and now spamming websites. They may get your atm details, account details, and many important data too. Spammers will later use these to do fraud, theft, and cybercrime. Users, be cautious. Better safe than sorry.

So far, we have been talking about the websites with their major benefits & flaws too. I would like to enlighten the fact that we have this government-authorized business website in our company. Not only does it serve right to your software needs but it also makes you learn more than that.

You can visit any of our dynamic web pages and get the most out of them. You could even come across some valid articles on web development like this one for instance. I also would like to share with you that we have unlimited offers and discounts for those studious beginners.

Join any of our student programs in the software courses offered to take your career to the next level. We have good old internships going on as well. Weekday or weekend classes, our expert trainers and certified mentors will be there with you. Javascript or HTML you can code all through the way. Click this link to rewrite your phenomenal web career.


What are the three types of websites?

  1. Static: Nothing but an online pamphlet of web data that can't be interactive.

  2. Dynamic: Produce real-time web pages that mean user friendly and interactive.

  3. E-commerce: An online shop like Amazon, Flipkart, or even a small supermarket's online store.

Is Google a website?

Yes, Google itself is a website and a first-class search engine available worldwide. happens to be its web address and the most broadly visited website ever!

Which kind of website is extra famous?

Hands down, the winner would be an E-commerce website. The business and blog websites come right next to that though. Regardless, E-commerce websites are the favorite kind of website for people to even just scroll up.

If you still want to get more idea about the Website then it's for you, let click on the below video to learn more about how websites work.


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