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How does the internet work ? A step-by-step illustration in 2023

The Internet can bring the planet into your palms. Although the net was created for academics and military purposes at first, let's begin with how does the Internet works. Yes, they created the net to communicate between various government agencies in a hush-hush way. Likewise, it transformed into the diligent internet that uses the communication protocol TCP/IP.

It also can transmit private information from one computer to any device and vice versa. It connects billions of computers too. Regardless, we can now browse, surf, or even binge on the net. Mobile usage and social media alone contribute around 50 percent of the world's net usage. Indeed, it makes wonderful things if used properly.

How does the internet work ? A step-by-step illustration in 2023
How does the internet work ? A step-by-step illustration in 2023

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What is the Internet?

Internet or internetwork has been a huge network linking computers and devices. It utilizes the so-called Internet protocol to communicate between devices in a more aligned way. I guess we won't be connecting or touching milestones in a second without the TCP or IP. It surely brings aesthetics to the World Wide Web.

How does the Internet work for real?

Ironically, we use the net almost every single day, and we never thought how it could work its way to our mobiles. It sends and delivers packets of data between as many computers worldwide. Think of it as a route map to your destination address. The road map here means the communication protocol. The address means the desired web.

It functions elegantly similarly to how you may take the direction to reach your locale. The route map mainly shows the effective time, direction, and safety check. On that path, the packets of information surpass smoothly to the desired network and in turn to the devices. As significant as it would be to learn this to get more awareness of what we use.

How does the Net run when you type in a website address for instance?

  1. Initially, your phone or laptop gets connected to the web through a router. A router happens to route the internet as the name suggests it acts as a modem in between. Multiple devices get access to the same network too(How does the internet work).

  2. You type in your desired web address now in the form of a URL(Uniform resource locator). It also happens to be the desired address that you need to reach.

  3. The question or website goes to the ISP(Internet service provider). ISP occurs to be the company that prevails over the internet. It also connects considerable servers like NAP & DNS(domain name server).

  4. DNS will then send the data with the help of the keyed-in domain name of the website. It would even translate the name into the code that the machine alone understands. Something numerical like for instance, means 98765.4321.090.

  5. The HTTP will be sent to the server and it will send the website edition to the browser with the help of communication protocols. A browser exists as a web application like Google Chrome.

  6. The server authorizes the data and gives the '200 OK' message to your computer. After that, they send the data packets of website lists to the browser.

  7. The browser later deciphers the machine language into a readable web page so that the website loads at your convenience. Relish and revive!


It would be best to revive yourselves with all the net advantages around the earth. You wouldn't even come across this if it were not for the Internet. Millions of chores and tasks will be lost too. It bestows millions of opportunities that must be preserved. The Internet can make and break stuff as well. It's our job to use it wisely.

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What are the types of internet?

There are two primary internet connection types out there.
  1. Wi-Fi: It uses a router that acts like a modem between the device and the server to pass the net.

  2. Wired or wireless broadband connection: Broadband means ultra-fast internet access. It doesn't get disconnected and is always constant. It also needs a modem to do that.

What is the new type of internet?

The new type of internet happened to be the high-speed 5G net connection. It gives the fastest net access with almost no buffering. It has also a super fast Gen X technology of up to 1000 Mbps.

What is the use of the Internet?

It's unlimited without a doubt. Let's bring the five most essential benefits of the internet.

  1. Email: Invented by an Indian and became a crucial part of all offices.

  2. Files storing, sharing, and downloading

  3. Doing research for numerous purposes.

  4. News reading.

  5. Watching movies, net series, and songs.

If you still want to understand more about the Internet, let's see the below video to learn more about how the Internet works;

Thank you!


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