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World Laughter Day-Laughter is the best medicine

World Laughter Day has been celebrated on the first Sunday of May all over the world. Did you know of the fact that people from various backgrounds get together to laugh their hearts out on this special day”?

What is World Laughter Day?

World Laughter Day began in 1988 by a famous Indian doctor. He believed that laughter can have a great impact on our lives. As we see hunger, terrorism, global warming, and violence daily, we need to rely on laughter more.

Laughter makes our minds and bodies cool so that we get inner peace. Hence the world becomes a better place already right there. It also aids in the world peace movement. Indeed, every one of us should join hands on Laughter Day to create a peaceful and greener earth.

When do we observe World Laughter Day?

The world laughter day has been observed on the initial Sunday of May. World Laughter Day is celebrated for many good reasons. One of the major causes happens to be our wellness. The laughter medicine specifically contributes to our face, heart, and abs and stabilizes the blood pressure levels.

Where do we commemorate Laughter Day?

The laughter day started in the year of 1988 and Dr. Madan Kataria introduced it. He created this D-day using the practice of laughter yoga in the park of Mumbai, India. The laughter yoga stands to be a form of exercise that has a series of laughing out loud.

Why must we honor Laughter Day?

World Laughter Day is a must for better well-being as it promotes cardiac health. Yes, it has numerous benefits when it releases endorphin hormones that relieve pain.

It also has this wonderful way of working your abs when you laugh.

Laughter also increases the movements of T cells on the face. Similarly, it decreases your aging factor as it increases happiness. Not only that but it becomes the best cardio exercise without doing any activity but laughing. It enhances the heart pump so that the heart pumps out more blood. In turn, it uplifts the energy level and burns the extra calories using the good blood to all organs.

How to mark the significance of Laughter Day

We recognize the laughter day with laughter and joyfulness. We must laugh with our hearts, eyes, and lungs. Moreover, research says that we should laugh without any funny things around. That happens to be the special on this good old day.

People all around the area gather to laugh from their stomachs(diaphragm). Moreover, they try and practice laughing yoga or laughing in general. Our body forgets that we fake laugh at some point. That's how you celebrate laughter day.


Does smile and laughter mean the same?

Smile stands to be a feeling that we feel in happiness. Our mouth corners go up and expand more when we smile. We smile when we see our friends and relatives as a gesture.

Laughter should be something that happens automatically when we come across a comedy or even a joke. Laughter comes naturally out of surprise. Anyway, we should smile and laugh more.

Why should we smile and laugh more often?

Do we realize our stomach, lungs, heart, mouth, and eyes work together when we attempt to laugh? Yes, we smile and laugh so we reduce stress and depression. We increase our mood, cardiovascular system, immunity, and whatnot.

Do watch the video of the Laughter Day to make the most of it:


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