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Web based Software

We offer a wide range of technologies to provide the most reliable web-based software development services to our global clients. Our web-based services range from CMS-enabled websites to sophisticated web-based web applications, Php-based cms, portals, ERP, BI, and more.

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About the Service

We understand our client's unique goals and their brand's challenges. At Calanjiam we are highly focused on web-based software development projects like static, dynamic, portal, cms, etc.

Our passionate and dedicated web application development team has years of experience in developing web applications using cutting-edge technologies like HTML, PHP, MySQL, etc. Our extensive expertise includes developing and deploying various web applications for small businesses to large enterprises. Also, we have experience in designing and developing web applications for many reputed clients.

Why choose us for your business?

  • We more concentrate on the most efficient solutions for our clients.

  •  Continual Performance Analysis. 

  • Customization options.

  •  Our goal is to create accessibility and User-friendliness. 

  • Smart multi device friendly Optimization. 

  • Timely delivery. 

  • Good security. 

  • Experts to Built-in SEO friendly sites.

  •  Affordability.

Explore our Web-based Software Development services

Custom PHP Web Application Development

Our custom PHP web application development solutions provide you with a reliable, customized, and user-friendly web portal that will impress your customers.
Learning, Hospitality, Business, etc

Support and maintenance

We provide support and maintenance to prevent future problems with your software. We aim to take care of all the issues that could cause serious problems in the future. We mainly focus on removing obsolete functions, optimization, monitoring, bug fixes, web application testing.

Portal development solutions

Web portal development is a proven way to provide an integrated digital experience to your visitors. We help you create a frictionless experience and seamlessly integrate the web portal into your business process and operations.

Php-based CMS Development

At Calanjiam, we provide you with simple PHP content management system development services to reduce the costs of managing your business. We offer ready-to-use solutions, CMS integration, and platform customization.

MySQL based web solutions

We offer our web solutions services for solving complex administrative and other problems through, MySQL DB for safe and remote database. This include solutions such as customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, etc..

Any web-based solutions

Our web-based solution services include all major comprehensive web solutions. We handle your software updates with the right solutions like e-commerce portals, CMS, ERP solutions, chatbots, custom software, and more.

How to approach us to begin your business ?


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