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Wordpress Services

WordPress is the most popular platform today for website development & content management. The platform has gained popularity due to its great flexibility to extend its capabilities through plugins, themes, & other third-party applications. All you need is WordPress integration services. With us, you can avail highly scalable services that will dramatically increase the functionality & capabilities of your site.

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About the Service

In today's competitive business world, creating a functional website is not enough. All you need to do is create a niche for that website leaving great user experiences. You can do that when your website has every feature your users are looking for. However, even with a powerful platform like WordPress, it is not possible to have every feature and functionality readily available in a simple basic website.

WordPress is the platform's flexibility to expand its capabilities that make it popular. So, while you can't have every feature and functionality on a basic WordPress website right away, you can integrate every functionality you want with robust WordPress integration services. It May is its themes, plugins, or other third-party applications such as payment gateways, or ERP/CRM systems. At Calanjiyam, We are here for you to help integrate everything into your WordPress website and expand functionality for a better-performing website.

Why choose us for your business?

  • We more concentrate on the most efficient solutions for our clients.

  •  Continual Performance Analysis. 

  • Customization options.

  •  Our goal is to create accessibility and User-friendliness. 

  • Smart multi device friendly Optimization. 

  • Timely delivery. 

  • Good security. 

  • Experts to Built-in SEO friendly sites.

  •  Affordability.

Explore our WordPress integration services

WordPress plugin integration

The platform has a large plugin directory with add-ons for additional features and functionality on your website. We provide this integration effortlessly so that you never miss any feature that your users need. With good plugins on your website, you can provide amazing user experiences that help increase your website performance.

WordPress CRM/ERP integration

Your company's ERP/CRM system contains a complete database and records of your clients and customers, so it is the most important software for your business. We provide this integration so that you can fully connect the two most important things related to your website.

WordPress API integration

Various third-party applications can add many features to your website. We provide all such integrations with our WordPress API integration services so you can add functionality available from the WordPress platform to your WordPress website.

WordPress theme integration

The theme of your website sets its complete look and you want to keep it very unique and attractive. We offer theme integration services, putting your custom theme on your website and giving it the look and feel you expect. We can also integrate other themes you create.

Save money and time

Our WordPress integration service starts with low-cost options to meet any budget. On average plugin integration, API integration, CRM/ERP integration, and theme integration projects start receiving within hours.

Support and maintenance

We provide support and maintenance to prevent future problems with your software. We aim to take care of issues that are not significant at the moment but could cause serious problems in the future. We mainly focus on removing obsolete functions, optimization, monitoring, bug fixes, web application testing, etc.

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