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History of Web Development, the In and Out of Web Transition



Web development is one of the most fun and frolic job careers worldwide. It does that along with making a change in people's lives. Yes, did you know that web development appears to be the giant worldwide that stands upright at least for the next five years? Indeed, the history of web development also happens to be interesting.

History of Web Development, the In and Out of Web Transition
History of Web Development, the In and Out of Web Transition

What is web development?

Web development as the name suggests becomes the development of a website. A website can be a simple static page that contains information(history of web development). It later has been involved in anything and everything right from schools, hospitals, banks, and retail. In a nutshell, web development became the other name for creating a website of WWW(World Wide Web) or even private web.

When did web development begin?

Web development began as early as 1989 right when Tim Berners-Lee founded the so-called World Wide Web (www). He came to be a big scientist from good old Great Britain. He simply discovered a way to share data with his peers and other scientists at universities all around the globe. Good for us that it got stuck and even improvised with us for these many years.

Versions of WWW:

There happened to be three versions of the web before it came into the picture as a well-sophisticated one.

Web 1.0, the first version

  • This version of the website was a read-only web. Similarly, people just get the needed information in the form of dormant pages across the internet.

  • No such things called visual graphics, user-friendly controls, or interactive bot mode. Mainly, the very first version of the web was just a digital form of a data record in the display.

Web 2.0, the second version

  • Though there isn't much difference from its previous edition, it enhances the web. Likewise, it gives a good makeover in a more eye-catching yet subtle way.

  • Especially if it includes the Javascript frameworks, the more the technology becomes advanced. Not only that but it also in turn sows the seed to the next-gen Android and phones.

  • Moreover, huge social media corporations like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter made it all accessible in the online world. All these became possible with the help of Web 2.0.

Web 3.0 the third version

  • Unlike its former performances, this one became the game changer of the web. People can read, write, and execute with that too. Take the AI chatbot for instance.

  • It can even respond to human interactions based on its artificial intelligence. Even so, the concept of the intellectual, independent, and open Internet can act as a global brain.

  • As a result, it can understand and act upon it conceptually and contextually. Unfortunately, it didn't work out due to the cost constraints. You know how the chatbots answer your specific queries in a standard way it has been programmed.

Why is it crucial to learn web development?

Did you know a recent study says that the "Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 8% job growth for web developers and designers from 2019-2029, double the national average for all occupations"? It's not only limited to high job demand but also many other factors.

  1. High pay: It's a well-known fact that web development jobs have huge income-based career opportunities.

  2. Work from home or anywhere: People can work from the comfort of their homes and live anywhere they would want. They can still have a good career, income, and life.

  3. Creative and engaging: It's high time that you unleash your creative side into work. It would be a lot better to have a balanced work environment.

  4. Become a problem solver: People become real-life problem solvers by practicing the technique on the website.

  5. The job of the present and future too: This goes on to become a job of the future also. AI and machine learning already come into the picture as humans use AI tools for every possible work.

  6. We shall get into our creative, fun, and productive side while AI takes care of everything else.

Hope you have liked our theme so far. Wouldn't it be as interesting to find out that you too can do it as the whole world does it? The articles say only half of it and you need to talk to a tech expert to know the depth of it.

Well, it is just a sample of the tremendous learning experience you will have with us. Indeed, the training and work have been crafted exceptionally for the individuals. Besides, we are not all the same hence we will teach at each student's own pace of time and understanding.

Each student will get trained in languages like HTML, CSS, JS, JAVA, PHP & MYSQL. Not only that but also we will cover the trendsetters like REACT JS too. The students also will be able to work on one to two projects of their own choice. They can do it individually or as a team for that matter.

We at Calanjiyam Consultancies and Technologies teach these types of concepts and more. Click to know further information on how to become a web developer. Just click away through your interests and let us take care of the rest.


What is early web evolution?

Tim Berners Lee, a wizard in web evolution first designed web development. It has been known as the CERN website for providing information to fellow researchers. CERN also happens to be the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

What are the three types of web development?

  1. Front-end web development : Generates the look and feel of a website.

  2. Back-end web development : Includes the APIs, databases, back-end logic, and servers.

  3. Full stack web development : A good combination of both front-end and back-end developments.

What is the evolution of web design?

Web growth was restricted to developing web pages and websites for Internet purposes. Whereas, it evolved into these cute little web applications. These types of apps can be handy and compatible with mobile, tablet, & laptop, or desktop computers.


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