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Why should we celebrate International Labor Day on May 1st?

Did you know of an interesting fact about the labour day that people wear white and white? It occurred on the event of the labour day and the end of summer in the States. Yes, the former American first introduced labour day to the world.

Likewise, we in India got a nationwide holiday on the 1st of May after a significant request. MDMK chief Mr. Vaiko appealed to Prime Minister VP Singh. Indeed, our nation received its national holiday on May Day in 1923, only after that incident.

Striking facts of International labor day

The international labor day is celebrated on the first Monday of September month. The major union of the US has announced a huge parade in the year of 1882. It became the first sight of International Workers Day with around twenty thousand people participating in it. Almost all the workers had to go without a day's pay to join the parade.

Hence, the US declared a holiday on Worker's Day in the year of 1894. It must be great to have such a day to acknowledge, praise, and celebrate the efforts of all employees. However, sixty countries recognize the workmanship of their countries' true pillars on May 1st.

The Haymarket Affair

 At first, there occurred a huge strike in the fight against the fifteen-hour work a day in Chicago, US. Though the strike started fairly, the third day saw terrible violent behaviour among protestors.

Due to this fact, the policeman fired and the bomb blasted right after that killing four innocent workers and police staff too. The US Federation declared an eight-hour work day owing to them. The workers fifteen of whom were never found guilty have been imprisoned for the bombing.

The Chicago incident became a thought-provoking one leaving the government to declare the May 1st holiday. The tension between the official and the common men made all the workers united. It exists to be the symbol of the struggle behind labour in 1886.

May 1st in India

The May 1st Indian holiday has been a unique kind of commemoration to remember the workers. Moreover, we all should enjoy the work right from the household for their family to the national leaders. The good old leaders of India observed it as a part of the workers' glory.

Not only that but the working men and women have always had a great impact on the nation's growth. Labor workers can be very hard workers who make their living via the daily wages. Many industries recruit them in need of doing the tough work.

As the big enterprises take them in, they work for the company’s growth leaving the nominal wage the same. Whereas the economy of the whole country rises all over the country. The whole nation's growth and financial rise also depend on worker efficiency from lineman to the nation’s leader.


History of Mayday/International Labour Day

The major event happened on May 1st as the Haymarket affair. The affair caused a blunder creating a rival between the labourer and police. The terrible cause and effect took place in the year 1886 in Chicago, Illinois.

The day sure did create a stir among all, leaving all the workers to join hands together against the partiality. The workmen worked for a 15-hour schedule and later reduced it to 8 working hours per day. The day also has been observed as a holiday to credit the hard work.

Importance of labor day

The labour day is the most vital section of any country that gives the privilege to the linemen. It has been a tribute to the struggle and fights against the overworking exploit. The labour day was celebrated in 1882. Following that the US Federation gave a holiday on the May 1st in 1894.

The labour has been a majority among us and all around the globe. It is a must to give kudos to their job such as farmers. Farmers provide food and we must honour them properly. The international workers day has been a recognition, development, and growth of us all.

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