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Think Before Acting

Guiding you and your business to success in each step. Calanjiyam provides Web designing & Development services alongside consulting you in every IT-related service.

Speed & Security

Better Collaboration

Flexibility & Scalability

With the right software & tools, you can make your business from being good to the best.

It is always better to be fully equipped and ready to roll rather than wait longer to end up stagnant than the competition. Calanjiyam Consultancies and Technologies strongly believes that everyone should have access to the web and the powerful tools it brings to one's business and productivity. We offer the optimum Web designing/development services uncompromising with quality and security. Calanjiyam Consultancies and Technologies is committed to its clients' needs and fulfilling them.


Calanjiyam Consultancies and Technologies - Services

We here at Calanjiyam Consultancies and Technologies offer high-quality web designing services and web development services across the spectrum without any compromise on security and product quality.

Calanjiyam Home

We offer services related to website creation, hosting, and management on the Wix platform with little to no effort from the client.

WordPress website development

We offer services related to website integration, and development of the WordPress website management environment.

Web application development

We offer services related to web-based software development with hosting, Maintenance, & personalized website development.

Content Writing  Service

We’ve dedicated professionals in our team to help clients better align, explain their ambitions to understand them deliver quality products.

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

We believe form and function go hand-in-hand when it comes to web development. We have helped clients with all of their web development needs. Whether you’re interested in giving your personal website a creative boost, or building a business and looking to create a unique brand and presence online, our services are tailored to suit your specific requests.


File Sharing

Total Design

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