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Father’s Day 2024- Our Knight In Shining Armor, Our Father.

Happy International Father’s Day 2024 to all the dads out there! A father figure happens to be a must in every child’s life. We get the feeling of safety with our father present at all times. A study shows that kids who grow up with their dads study well and strive to be good humans.

Happy Father's Day 2024.

Define fatherhood.

A man becomes a father when he has a child. He can only enter fatherhood when he shows protection to his baby girl. It can also happen when he shows love to his son and how to treat a woman with respect.

Fatherhood or father-ship becomes the only ship that sails forever throughout our lives. If all the dads offer care and protection to his children then the world will surely be a peaceful place. Indeed, our dad is our first-ever iconic person.

When do we celebrate Father's Day?

We celebrate International Father’s Day in July on the third Sunday of each year. We honor Father's Day 2024 on the day of 16th June this year. Although the date varies every year the greetings for the gents stay well and good.

Did you know the darling daughter of a veteran father sowed seeds for the special day? Sonora Smart Dodd, US put out a word for the good old Father’s Day in 1909. Her father, the great veteran single-handedly raised all his children after their mom’s demise after Senora’s birth.

She wanted to honor her dad’s efforts hence the day started. Gradually the US presidency declared it as an international holiday in various countries. In India, Father's Day 2024 has been commemorated with well wishes to all Indian fathers.

Why should we honor the fathers on the fathers Day 2024?

A father becomes the family head when he strives to provide and safeguard his family in all troubles. A father also becomes the best part of a kid’s life. He makes good memories for his family with his sweat and hard work.

Similarly, we need to have a day to give tribute to the struggles and sacrifices that he made for his family. It should be the day to honor fatherhood and all dads in the whole world. We also must recognize our dad’s impact on society both socially and economically.

Father’s Day 2024

Fathers have a great influence on their kid's wellness, academic performance, and confidence all over. We need to note a major fact that a father has been providing, protecting, and setting discipline goals.

Let Father's Day 2024 be another reason to salute those men who support us. However, a mother is fulfilling all these roles like being a provider, preserver, and teaching discipline to kids.

A mother can also be a mom, dad, and friend as well in today’s modern world. Last but not least we should spend some quality time with our family. We wish the dads a happy International Father’s Day 2024.


How to celebrate Father’s Day 2024:

Father’s Day 2024 has been celebrated worldwide to mark the male parenting effects. All their children should strive to be good daughters/sons. A parent should be both mom and dad, so we can make a change together in the child’s life.

A crucial fact about male parenting:

A dad should be included and involved in all the kid's activities. A recent study states that “kids who had taken part in dads performed well academically, and psychologically to kids with the not-so-involved fathers”.

Do watch the Father's Day video:


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