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Mother's Day- A Day To Cheer, Care, And Celebrate Motherhood

Mother's Day happens to be one of the most remembered days all around the globe. Have you come across a couple of fascinating facts about this D-day? Well, here you go. Likewise, in any other festival season, the flower sales spike up to seventy percent in the UK.

Moreover, the restaurant reservations are fully booked in all places. Research says that millions of Mother's Day cards get sent every year on this special day. Not only that but the tradition of the day goes way back and people celebrate it in almost 46 countries.

Happy Mother's Day !

What is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day becomes the day for mothers alone. There must be a day to remember the mothers who sweat, give away their own time, and self-care for their babies. All mothers are selfless so that the kids get a better life. Let's join our hands together to pay tribute to the mothers out there.

When do we observe Mother's Day?

We mark the battle, endeavors, and achievements of mothers on the second Sunday of May. Mother's Day falls on the 12th of May 2024 this year. Mother's Day also started in the year of 1907.

Anna Jarvis’s mother from the US created the day to honor health and friendship. Later when her mom passed away she made her final service in 1907 on the twelfth of May. Almost all the people in the world have acknowledged Mother's Day ever since the incident. 

Why must we all honor Mother's Day?

It is impossible to think of a world without mothers. We must take some time to honor, commemorate, and salute the mothers. Mother's Day paves the way to make it happen for many of us.

  • A baby and the mother become one. Did you know of the fact that the baby thinks the same for a couple of years since birth?

  • Kids who grow up without their mothers do not feel secure, loved, and content as they become adults. We can never imagine our lives without our moms to love, care, and even cook for us.

  • Studies say that a good mother can make a great impact on a person's education, career, and growth. If a mother gets proper schooling then the whole family gets good tutoring. If a family gets the best education then the whole nation grows to be strong, safe, and wealthy.

How to remember Mother's Day

We should remember the efforts of our mothers from time to time at least in today's busy world. Let's make use of this good old day to give a gift.

We must remember their devotion towards the kids and family as well. We need to make a small effort to present the one she likes. Lots of love and hugs to all mothers on this beautiful Mother's Day.


Define motherhood:

We can become a parent, mother, and father but we can gain motherhood with love. Motherhood happens to be divine and powerful as we care for the kids unconditionally. Mainly mothers' warm and deep affection don't expect anything in return.

When do we celebrate Mother's Day globally?

We recognize Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May every year. The day gets its fame and festivity all over the world on the same day. In India, we celebrate Mother's Day on this above-mentioned day. It occurs on the 12th of May 2024 this year.

What is the best gift for Mother's Day and what has been the popular present?

  • We should all make a promise to tell our moms how much we like her and adore her. That must be the best gift we could ever give her.

  • We should salute her inner motherhood on the special day and every other day. Despite that, the greeting card wins the first place of best gifts for Mother's day.

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