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Javascript language- Depicting the User Interactive Website

Designing a website with a user interface and user-interactive dynamic pages becomes a must. The most versatile Javascript comes right there to make it possible. A recent survey says that JS has built more than ninety-eight per cent of websites so far. Learn to make a brand new web page for your company now.

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Major fundamentals of Javascript language(JS)

Javascript lives as a computer language and it has been known as the expanded form of JS. It retains a scripting terminology rather than a formal program. It can also come in handy in numerous performances of a website. Likewise, it can emit dynamic web pages that the users interact with. 

JS can be changing texts, animating images, controlling multimedia, and so on. It even has unusual interpretation procedures for writing a programming language. We have come across JS as a scripting language so far. Let's see the forms and features of them for better understanding.

The key syntax of the Javascript language

The key Syntax of Javascript happens to be a set of principles that says how the program must be composed and comprehended. We can distribute it into two varieties of values as follows.

Fixed values or Literals: 

  • Numbers can be coded with or without decimals.

  • Strings can be coded with content in single or double quotes.

Variable values or Variables:

  • We can stock the variables as data.

  • It takes the help of keywords "var, let, and const" to pursue variables.

  • Values to variables can be done with an equal symbol.

  • Ex: let a; a = 3; here a is variable and a is dedicated to the value of 3.

Here, the statement model is always divided by semicolons ";"

  • Statements are nothing but protocols and orders that we use to write to make it perform a specific task.

  • The statements can also be the coding of javascript that can be deciphered one by one. The computer browser does that job as well.


  • The variable becomes the name of a storage area. It has two sorts of variables: local and global.

  • The principles of confirming a variable or identifier derive as proceeds. The name of a location must start with an alphabet. We can add the numbers then.

  • Mainly the variables stand as case-sensitive so be aware of that one.


  • Let happens to be the new var variable.

  • The keyword Let used to apply to the flexible values.

  • It constantly changes in the programming language of Javascript. 

  • People keep practising these aspects of variables in the form of block scope inside the curly braces.

  • Let can even be a warning that the value may be altered like a counter in a loop or a switch in an algorithm.


  • Const becomes yet another keyword.

  • It has this solid structure that should not be interchanged.

  • We can make use of the Const keyword in place of a value that needs not to be changed for the full program.

  • The const is consistent hence it notifies the compiler to not let the programmer modify certain code in the process.

JS output

  • JS has no output exception to the "window. print()" option in your computer browser.

  • Similarly, it opens the normal print dialogue box that can be used to take printouts of our choice.

  • It doesn't seem to carry any particular print object either.

How to add basic interactivity to web pages?

Looking to add some primary interactivity to web pages? Javascript happens to be the most flexible language used for both client and server. Javascript has been preferred ever since it emerged to give successful user interactions.

  • Show/hide- You can show more data with the help of showing more. You can also hide the data using the same hence the user can employ it.

  • Changing colors for highlighting purposes- you have come across where you need to check on some information and move the cursor there. The cursor highlights the words using some vibrant colors right when your mouse hovers over them.

  • Animated videos and impressive images- you can go through zooming the images you want. You also will be able to go ahead with a series of some cool images. It provides the chance to view significant videos if not text-friendly.

  • Hamburger menu- get mysterious with the all-new hamburger menu. Thus it makes it visible only when the customer needs it. It would be the three-lined menu where the client can navigate to other aspects of a website.

  • Other benefits of Javascript- it prevails to be aiding in producing web apps, mobile apps, web servers, games and whatnot.

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What is the concept of Javascript?

The essential part of Javascript consists of creating the dynamic web pages of numerous websites. It has been deemed a scripting language that can be deciphered. It has a weightless symbol and a cross-platform lingo.

Did Java precede Javascript?

Java and Javascript have many similarities. Java is a  compiled terminology. Whereas the latter one Javascript has decoded language. Javascript ascended from the Java codes as well.

What are some advantages of JS?

  • Javascript is utilized in full-stack web development in both front-end and back-end development.

  • It can operate on any device and caters straight from beginners to progressed creators.

  • It involves this constant technology that answers positively to user dealing.

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