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How to Create a Basic Image Slider Using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Image sliders have been used in and around the websites worldwide and the number keeps increasing as we speak. Do you know of the crucial fact that many studies show that the image slider helps maximise sales? It has a great impact on managing marketing and client projects/collaborations as well.

Simple Image Slider.

Html vs CSS vs JS

  • The hypertext markup language HTML is useful through many platforms with zero limitations. It has been made up of tags and elements. It surely has numerous styles of text that appear on the web like a paragraph, bulleted points, or an image. HTML includes many elements that are used to give a brand-new look. Especially it brings a great appearance to the articles and content that you handle. For example, you can run the markup code to change into text wrap, italicise the words, have bigger or smaller font sizes, etc.

  • CSS, a short form of the cascading style sheets. They are an actual source of style files without a doubt. It also gives meaning to the outer look of the web pages and makes it better looking. Common CSS properties aid in designing your website or a web page. It carries more weight to the html element via adding chic in each aspect and its characteristics. We shall come across around a hundred properties.

  • Javascript happens to play a crucial part in the World Wide Web. JS has been huge right from auto-updating content to automated scroll video playlists. Javascript exists as a computer language and a full form of JS. Likewise, it can give dynamic web pages that the user often interacts with. JS produces actively changing texts, animates images, controls multimedia, and so on. It even has unique comprehension methods for writing a programming language. It has been known as the great scripting language as well.

   How to build a simple image slider that cycles through images on a webpage.

Let's check out the step-by-step representation and instructions on how to work the image slider. We shall now see the HTML, CSS, and JS functionality that navigates the image slider one another.

  • Slides stand to be a slide show that we normally look at in our daily photos or even in wedding photography.

  • They happen to be a collection of frames and we need to develop a base for that. We also can create the background size and color along with the chosen pictures using HTML.

  • Once we have done our work with that, we need to make the next and previous options function. This part can be crucial since the user moves the images on the slider using it.

  • For instance, we can use the ‘< >’ html buttons. One important thing to note down would be that we must place the buttons properly. Likewise, we can put in the < on the left side and > on the right so that the customer finds it simpler.

  • All done with the arrangement part, so now we go to the image placing part via CSS slider. We need to set the pictures above one another and the user would see one image at a time.

  • Hence we shall utilise the main class and point it to visible. We also make the other images hidden unless the user clicks on them via the next or previous controls. We can keep some names for images and the consumer knows the specific picture portrait.

  • We shall now go ahead on how the buttons work. We need to make them work and we use javascript for this. We also use the event listener and add them to the buttons.

  • Whenever the client does that, both of the buttons perform the corresponding job. We use the main class for one image and hide the rest. Not only that but also we need to employ the dom manipulation in js to achieve that.

  • Have you seen the new trick on the browsers where the images show automatically sliding through? We can try this modern technique using the setInterval item.

  • After some time the images slide from one to the next because it calls the next function in the interval periods. Further, the image slider automatically works by moving from one picture to another when it reaches the set period.

  • The navigation dots or the radio buttons happen to be the next big thing in the image slider though. Most websites use it due to its comfort and simplicity of production. We can apply it in place of text.

  • The customer clicks on the radio button for the likable image to show. Each image will have a navigation key and the recent picture also does. The active class keeps changing to the images that the user sees hence the mechanism.


You have read the major attributes of the basic image slider so far. Believe me, it has been accessed by all of the internet. It has been in and around some major social media and whatnot. Google itself has received many factors from it for its wonderful work.

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3 main factors of the image slider show.

  • Sales growth- all-important research states that image slide helps to make it bigger in their respective fields

  • Eye catchy- it can be a stunner to show off the images that you have and people like to look at the images instead of huge texts.

  • Time-effective aspect- it can be less time-consuming to put up a picture stating your goals for your consumers.

Define java and javascript.

  • It is an object-oriented programming language(OOP). Java also builds apps for laptops, game consoles, supercomputers, or mobile phones too.

  • Javascript exists as a computer language and a full form of JS. It has been known as a scripting language and it can give dynamic web pages that the user often interacts with.

Why does the js play a significant role in the slideshow image carousel?

It won't be possible for the image to slide without the JS program. It's not defined when the number has been tried to get divided by zero in mathematics. The legend javascript manages the logic behind the mechanism of sliding, switching between images when we try to move the images.

Watch the video to not to miss out on anything else-


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