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How to Build a Simple To-Do List App with HTML, CSS, & JS.

A to-do list happens to be a list of things you need to do at a set time. It surely helps you plan, schedule, follow, and finish the tasks effectively. We may have seen our peers or even parents creating a to-do list for their work.

Hence they can complete the chores in time and see what comes next in life activities or in the office. A recent study says that it increases productivity in enterprises. A lot of professionals now make use of the simple to-do list tool or app to do their assignments.

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What is called HTML?

HTML has elements that are utilised to give an extra peppy look to the blogs and web content. You can make use of the markup language to perform text wrap, italicise the words, bigger or smaller font sizes, or so. For example, we can run it as a normal sentence in a paragraph using the paragraph tags.

Ex- <p>I am a content writer</p>

However, the HTML tags have always been written in two main tags such as a starting tag and an end tag. They are both also seen as the same except for the forward slash /. Not only that but it also has a huge no. of other major tags too. In short, the basic HTML structure states the common structure of an online web page.

What is known as CSS?

A web page looks the best when the HTML and CSS align together. Recent research shows that around 90 percent of websites use CSS for their web pages. CSS makes it better for all the design needs of the HTML online page as well.

Whereas HTML can create the clarified content. CSS, which has been abbreviated as cascading style sheets, intends the actual source of style files. It sure aids in developing the outer look of the web pages and makes it impressive.

What is called JS?

Javascript holds a great position on the World Wide Web. JS has been doing the most in auto-updating content and automated scroll video playlists. Javascript, a computer language, has a short form of JS. It provides dynamic web pages and makes the user interact with them.

JS builds actively changing texts, animates image carousels, handles multimedia, etc. It often has special interpretation tools for writing programming code. It has been known as one of the great scripting languages of its era.

   A step-by-step guide to creating a basic interactive to-do list using HTML, CSS, and JS.

We would like to develop our own to-do list at some point in time to organise chores and reduce tension. Hence it would come in handy if we have it to the best of our knowledge. Let's see the process together in seven significant steps now.

Form a file folder for the process of the project and make use of the prominent files. Similarly store the files called index.html, design.css, and manuscript.js as a project base.

First, let's start with the html file index.html. In that, we need to develop the basic HTML structure of the file. We also need to create a div and class container in the HTML body. The div function divides the part or section with the body contained in it.

In the design.css file, we make use of the styling formatting and make it amazing to look. We make sure to mark the no margins and no padding. It looks like in the browsers you employ with the font settings. HTML elements appear in the midst of all the fashionable designs in the body via CSS.

To build the body of the to-do list we would utilise the input box or field. In turn, the input field can add/delete tasks, a list to show the tasks, and keys for add/delete buttons. The header and body structure becomes the crucial part of the html element. We need to create the todo header inside the body for that purpose.

We can apply the h5 tag for user input validation for the task creation. We need to perform the function in order to verify the user texts and data. Likewise, add, delete, alter, save, complete, and so on.

Now we talk about the js program to involve the interactivity between the to-do list and the customer. We can perform all these actions in the manuscript.js file. We also need to produce the function separately for add, delete, update, and read. The DOM manipulation helps in a great deal of making it possible. In the js file the actions and events happen when something calls it. Hence the actions can be done according to the functions create, add, delete, update, and read tasks.

The function called hide and remove the completed tasks performs the specified action. Likewise, it would gradually hide the already done tasks and delete them after some time.

You can employ the HTML file to test the tasks that you have created successfully. Not only that but also prioritise the tasks, mention dates for due, etc.


We have done the basic steps of the to-do list in the above text. I am sure you would have learned something in the to-do list. We come in there to interpret all the methods to follow easily. Why don't you join any one of our demo sessions? I am sure you will see that your career will skyrocket without any doubt.

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Advantages of to-do list development.

A recent study states that it aids in maximising work productivity, memory power, and mental health, and gives satisfaction and motivation. Not only that but also it does minimise the stress level of employees by a huge amount.

Tips to make the to-do list a success

All the good performing people and leaders include the to-do list to make it big in their fields.

  • Make crisp and clear tasks, it does have a great impact if you have a clear view of the activities you do.

  • Do what you can- this helps in making achievable goals and also go one step at a time. Divide the large project work into little tasks to work it with ease.

  • Prioritise it all- It would be always good if you know what goal comes first. When you do that high-priority job first then you normally become a successful person/professional.

Check out the video for an enlightened view of to-do lists-


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