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International Yoga Day- The Most Authentic Way Of Living

Did you know that our prime minister Mr. Modi Ji presented the day of 21st June as Yoga Day? Almost 177 countries cherished the purpose of the proposition. The day of June 21st every year starting in 2014 has been celebrated internationally ever since.

International Yoga Day 2024

International Yoga Day 2024

We celebrate International Yoga Day 2024 on June 21st on an auspicious Friday. It also happens to be the longest day in the northern part of the globe. Yoga for women's empowerment will be the talk of the event this year 2024.

We commemorate the yoga day to produce enough awareness about the goodness of yoga worldwide. Many schools, colleges and huge institutions do yoga to relieve stress and stay happy on the d-day. Many great leaders of India practice yoga too and we make the nation stronger together.

Why must we practice yoga (every) now and then?

We as humans must try yoga on the yoga day or at least once in our lifetime. Yoga offers us the fitness, energy, and health that we need all through the day. Every man and woman should practice yoga to keep a well-balanced life.

  • If a female or male of the house is healthy then they can keep the whole family safe. In addition, they can give the same to many more generations to go.

  • We surely get a good-looking physic and it happens to be the first motivation for all exercises.

  • Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga allows you to have shining skin. Many studies show that doing yoga daily lets you have a good body tone and younger-looking skin.

  • We can get good health and health is wealth so it paves the way for a successful life above all.

  • Not only that but also Yoga removes mental depression. Yoga prevents heart disease as it improves our body’s blood flow. Yoga improves your heart health and your gut health as well. Many more yogic gurus and yoga practitioners vouch for that indeed.

How to practice yoga to improve health:

Practicing yoga could be hard the first time when you do it on the yoga day alone. You get the desired results when you keep trying every day. First comes warm-up a must for all types of exercises. Be it any form of yoga or gym routine, warm-up comes to the rescue to ready up your body and mind.

  • Our mind and body should be neat and clean as well as our place for doing the yoga asanas.

  • We need to do yoga in the morning before breakfast. Our tummy should not be so full during any form of exercise for that matter.

  • It would be good to begin the yoga with some simple meditation or a slogan. Hence it keeps our mind more focussed and less distracted to get good outcomes.

  • Regardless, keep drinking water and maintain a healthy food diet. Keep a check on your breath also.

  • One small yet effective yoga is the child pose and anyone can do it easily. Begin sitting on the knees and slowly lean towards and keep your head down. You must also move your hands out. Despite that, your backside should be on the heels and your palms should be out front.

  • This child pose occurs as the good old famous stretching yoga asana. It stretches, flexes, and relaxes your ankles, thighs, hips, and back muscles.


What are the benefits of doing yoga?

  • Improves physical posture, strength, and overall health

  • Gives a certain balance and flexibility.

  • Reduces pain and educates pain management.

  • Provides a good lung system, hence allowing us a peaceful mind.

  • Good for the heart, bones, muscles, and whatnot.

  • Moreover, doing yoga in a daily or weekly routine aids in stress relief, sleeping well, and raising inner energy levels.

Define yoga.

Yoga can be a unique form of exercise to get a good body, mind, and inner consciousness. It creates perfect sync to our body and mind, therefore, becoming fit and active despite your age. Practice yoga once in a while to connect with your third eye(inner self).

Define meditation:

Meditation is a state of connecting with your mind for two to twenty minutes with your eyes closed. When you try closing your eyes for a minimum of five minutes you get the flying feeling.

It means feeling light-hearted and start doing meditation for two minutes daily. Meditation must not be missed in one’s lifetime to achieve the next level of relaxation techniques.

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