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PHP Introduction: Master the Variables, Data Types, & more.

PHP happens to be a unique language that can be used as an open-source scripting program. This hugely used computer coding language exists as an unlimited resource. Anyone can access it from anywhere and that's the beauty of it.

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Definition of PHP

PHP is a short form for hypertext preprocessor and operates on the server side. It also provides a free-to-use function. Do you know that it has been used as the key element in the enormous blog site WordPress?

Not only that but it also does various operations simultaneously. Likewise, it can function on bigger websites and can be a simple language to learn for budding developers. It would go well with HTML, CSS, and JS too.

PHP principles and basics

PHP has been keen on improving its tactics and techniques in several matters. Recently, the PHP 7 newer version has become the front line of work for mastering developers. Due to its faster capability, it controls minimal error and handles new operators such as spaceship operator ‘<=>’(comparison operator).

The key syntax of PHP

The basic syntax of the hypertext preprocessor program has been often kept and run in and around the file. It usually begins with <?php and finishes with ?>. As simple as that, it goes anywhere in the document area and contains both HTML and PHP languages.

Variables of PHP

The PHP variable does initialize with a dollar sign $ and it is nothing but a container item to save the data. It also has a simple name such as $a, $b, even $total or so.

  • It just begins with a dollar sign and the variable name and it always occurs in an alphabet or underscore character also.

  • Hence the name must not contain a numeric character.

  • It involves the letter plus number names like A to Z, 0 to 9, _. Variables stand to be case-sensitive.

  • We can get the output using the echo statement so that if $name = “roses"; echo "I like $name!"; Hence, the result equals to I like roses!

  • The outcome can also give a sum or difference of two digits. For ex- if $c = 2; $d = 3; echo $c + $d; so that the output is 5.

Data types of PHP

PHP happens to be a kind of coding that we can write generally anywhere. Similarly, the data type automatically gets allotted to the variable respectively to a text or value. Due to this fact, we can easily put together a string and a digit. It just knows the data types matching its number or text types. 


We get the type of data via the var_dump function. The string contains a set of words in single/double quotation marks.


It has to be a number and does not have a decimal point either +ve or -ve. If $a=23456; then var_dump($a); hence the output is int(23456)

Floating point nos-

An integer with a decimal point or exponential state.

Boolean- it can be either true or false.


It saves numerous values all in one variable text.

Object- for instance, if an object form is assigned to the school and the school has many properties such as school name, students, teachers, and so on.


It includes one value ‘null’ and if a variable name does not have a value then it allocates to a null value.


Not a data type but a source to save the functions or in a DB.

Primary functions of PHP

Built-in functions PHP has a huge amount of built-in functions such as a thousand built-in ones. It also has many custom-made functions available to roll.

User-defined functions- a customer, or anyone can produce a function on their own. It becomes an item that can be used several times during the coding. It operates as you call the desired function.


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1. Fundamentals of a PHP file

PHP file documents involve crucial codes like HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes. Indeed it can be performed on the server side. The output often gets displayed as HTML normally and its file extension has been carried out under the name of ‘.php’.

2. PHP uses

Not only the JS but also the PHP makes the web pages dynamic. It can be used for producing, texting, removing, opening, reading, and closing data and documents. It also could deliver and get the cookies. It encrypts information, controls consumer access, and whatnot.

3. Why PHP occurs as the beneficial code

We can operate the language on numerous platforms like Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, and so on. It gets harmonious with all the servers of the modern age as well. It keeps up with almost all the databases and becomes free of cost or free to download from the net.

Watch the PHP tutorial video for beginners-


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