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World's No Tobacco Day- Why should we say No to Tobacco?

We read more about tobacco, we get more scared for sure. Did you know that a single tobacco leaf has seven thousand harmful chemicals? It kills around eight million humans per year all over the world, a study states.

Tobacco means danger since we get addicted to it before we know it. Addiction means we have to have it just to feel good. Moreover, we get used to it and we can never live a peaceful life. Let’s stay away from tobacco for our lives to make sense.

World's No Tobacco Day

No Tobacco Day 2024

The World’s No Tobacco Day focuses on the pitfalls where each nation’s youth should avoid using tobacco. Especially the teens who happen to be at higher risk. A study also states that around fourteen million teens get exposed to tobacco each year.

The WHO World Health Organisation has been stating the facts that tobacco companies prey on young people. We must employ strong rules to stop misusing young minds with hazardous tobacco-induced items. Let's stop all the marketing tactics that the tobacco industries use to impress youngsters.

When do we observe the World's No Tobacco Day?

  • We commemorate Say No to Tobacco Day on the 31st of May every year.

  • The first event of the crucial day occurred in 1987 and all the WHO member countries made it possible.

  • Hence the incident surely made a change to the tobacco side effects, diseases, and terrible deaths.

Why must we say no to tobacco to save ourselves?

We must say no to tobacco and smoking tobacco. Tobacco has unmeasurable and uncountable threats to humans. We will get many problems related to our bodies that we can not bear at one stage.

Not only smokers and chain smokers are affected by these risks but also the secondhand smoke epidemic. Secondhand smoke causes sickness to the innocent who inhale the smoke or near the smoking area.

Particularly young age babies and children die sad deaths via sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory infections, and no lung growth, etc., Eliminating cigarette and tobacco smoke, and creating a smoke-free earth makes the world a living heaven.

How to protect yourself from the dangers of tobacco?

We must say strict no to tobacco and restrict the youths from cigarette smoke threats. Tobacco can be in the form of anything like cigars, cigarettes, smoke pipes, can also be sniffed, and so on.

  • First and foremost of all, we as a parent should encourage the kids about its awareness. Kids, teens, and our children need to watch the harmful dangers of tobacco onscreen. Talk about how many diseases it causes and the worst effects of it.

  • Doctors need to have a word about tobacco's ill effects on young people during their hospital visits. We should make it a habit to have the best outcomes.

  • Every state, every nation, and every place should get proper aid to control tobacco use programs. We should slowly reduce the tobacco ads and give say no to tobacco ads.

  • Let's use a powerful strategy by raising the prices of tobacco, and licensing the tobacco traders or so. We also must control the tobacco sellers and give free access to rehabilitation for tobacco-free circumstances.


What is the concept of No Tobacco Day this year?

The main theme of the World’s No Tobacco Day stands to be safekeeping the youth internationally. When we save youngsters from the tobacco hazard, it automatically calls for a better world tomorrow.

Define the world’s No Tobacco Day.

World’s No Tobacco Day has been celebrated to create the necessary awareness of the dangers of tobacco usage. We need to be aware of the health risks of tobacco and stop using tobacco. Hence the day has been specifically come alive for the good cause.

What are some dangers of consuming tobacco?

Tobacco is risky and we all know it. Do we know the depth of the health problems behind tobacco addiction? We get cancer, lung disease, heart malfunction, diabetes, eyesight problems, immunity illness, and more. Stop tobacco right now.

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